Dr. Eco w/ Olivia Rose and parents

Mateo’s Kids raised over $12,000 for the recipient Olivia Rose Namest of Wheaton, Illinois!!! Olivia & her family are so thankful for the generous support. Olivia is 2 years old with a severe form of spina bifida, called myelomeningocele. Due to her condition, she has also had complication with bladder dysfunction. A club foot has made mobility a challenge for Olivia. Despite everything, she is such a happy baby with lots of personality. You can see pictures of the event and follow-up reports of the recipients on www.mateoskids.com

As you may know, Mateo’s Kids is a non-for-profit organization I co-founded with my sister, Ailene, and her husband, Mike, in loving memory of their 5-year-old son Mateo (my nephew). Mateo was diagnosed in May 2005 with a rare, inoperable brain tumor. We started the organization during Mateo’s alternative cancer treatment at the Burzynski Institute in Houston which was not covered by their insurance.

Dr. Eco & staff w/ Olivia

(Conventional chemotherapy treatment at Children’s Memorial Hospital unfortunately was not successful.) With the surmounting medical bills and travel expenses, like many families with sick children, Ailene and Mike were in spiritual and financial despair. Our family and friends rallied together and raised money through donations from the church and community. Unfortunately, Mateo lost his battle after five months and passed away that September. And although his life was short, Mateo and his story still inspire hope and generosity for many people to this day. Our goal for our non-for-profit organization is to provide financial assistance for other sick children and their families and to help “keep hope alive!” We are all children of God. As the generosity of others has inspired us, we hope to continue to uplift these families in times of despair.

Every year my staff & I sponsor a lane at the fundraiser. My staff is so supportive of my passion to give back to others. I would like to thank my specialist, sponsors & friends who have donated to Mateo’s Kids; they truly are people with big hearts. For more information, please go to www.mateoskids.com

My staff!! What fun!!

Last year’s recipient

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