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This year's recipients: Ethan age 12, Evan age 12, Nathan age 9, Aaron age 7, and Aidan age 7. Yes, all boys! Yes, 2 sets of twins! They all suffer from a form of muscular dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). This disease eats away at all the muscles and nerves in the extremities including the arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes. Mateo's kids raised over $16,000 for their family to help with medical expenses.

Middona Family & DR. Eco's sister Ailene (Mateo's mom)

Our hygienist Char and our patients were there to participate

Our patient, Michael, was highest male scorer!!!! Congrats!!!



Dr. Eco & staff bowl to show support for Jimmy!



This was a great opportunity to give the high school students information on dental care, including how much sugar and acid is in different types of drinks. My advice…. stay away from soda pop.


This year we raised over $14,000 for the Duffield Family!! Enough to buy them a Hyperbaric Oxygen Tank which is needed for all four children, who suffer from various medical issues ranging from immune system deficiencies, severe digestive problems and autism. Thanks again to all of our sponsors including: First Impression Lab, Dayspring Pediatrics, Premier Endodontics, Depot Dental Lab, Dr. Fox, Dr. Prose & Shannon W. Your donation will provide the Duffield family with medical therapy that will improve their academic and physical abilities, and reduce their frequency of seizures. Thanks again!!!


This is a great opportunity to inform parents of all the services available to them in the Tri-City area. Batavia local TV was there to broadcast the event. Thanks again to all the table sponsors: Optique Eye Care, Fox Valley Women’s & Children’s Clinic, TriCity Services, TriCity Health Partners, NOVO, Fox Chiropractic, Juice+,Tudor Basket, St. Charles Goddard School and the Epilepsy Foundation.

We were able to provide school dental and eye exam for over 35 children!! The best turn out yet.


Congratulations to JV & Family !!!!

Our Winner of the Refer a Family & Friend Raffle!!

Thanks to all our patients that keep on referring their family and friends to our office for dental care.
Your referrals tell us that our compassionate care and detail to excellent dental treatment does not go un-noticed.

We always welcome your friends & family!!

(Thanks to the businesses in St. Charles that donated to our raffle basket:  Beef Shack, Marberry Cleaners, St. Charles Bowling, Firestone, etc.)

Raffle Winner
Congratulations to JV & Family!

Staff Appointment, October 4, 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Jasmin Eco for being appointed on October 4th, 2011 to the Dental Staff at Delnor Hospital - now Cadence Health!! She is excited to serve the Geneva/St. Charles community.

Staff Appointment
Dr. Eco with all the new doctors appointed to the staff at Delnor Hospital
at the Annual Awards Dinner.

5th Annual Mateo's Kids Bowling Fundraiser

The event raised over $15,000 for recipients Christian & Nathan!!!

5th Annual Mateo's Kids
Nathan & Dr. Eco
5th Annual Mateo's Kids
Christian & his family with Dr. Eco’s staff
5th Annual Mateo's Kids
Dr. Eco, Samantha & Christian

Dr. Eco holds this event very near and dear to her heart. This year’s recipients were Chistian Jeremiah and Nathan. Chistian is 5 years old with a smile that lights up the world. He was born with Cerebal Palsy, Gerd, Chronic lung disease and a numerous other symptoms brought about with his disease. Nathan is 2 years old and was born with Prune Belly Syndrome and is badly in need of a kidney transplant. With the monies raised, they will be able to continue to provide shelter and transportation to their hospital visits.

Dr. Jasmin Eco would like to thank her sponsors for this year’s event, First Impressions Lab, Dayspring Pediatric Dentistry, Drs.Kolinski & Crosby, Dr. Fox, Dr. Kloberdanz, & Dr. McElroy.

St. Charles Mother’s Club Tea 2011

Dr. Eco is a member of the St. Charles Mother’s Club that actively raises money for local charities. This April, Dr. Eco sponsored a Mardi Gras- themed table at the annual SCMC Tea Event which helped raise money for scholarships for single mothers that are returning back to school. The event raised over $5,000!!!

Dr Eco
Dr. Eco & friends
Dr Eco
What Fun!!

Give a Kid A Smile” Spring 2011

Dr. Jasmin Eco was so excited to kick off her “Give a Kid a Smile” Program this spring in South Elgin. Dr. Eco started the program in Bloomingdale to teach school age kids the importance of: nutrition, brushing and flossing, and regular visits to the dentist. This spring we went to Highland Christian Academy and the Learning Tree in South Elgin. “It gives me great pleasure to go into the schools and teach dental education. The kids have so much fun. ” The Fox Valley Program is organized by our hygienist, Char Fink. If you know of any teachers or schools interested in the program please have them call our office.

Dr Eco
Dr Eco

Dr Eco
Dr. Eco and class
Kindergarten class
Char, hygienist, and Kindergarten class

Anna and her daughter Ashley
Anna and her daughter Ashley

Fox Valley Ribbon Cutting Ceremony   View photos!

Dr. Jasmin Eco-Scolaro and staff celebrated their one year anniversary with a “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” by the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, September 16th, 2010. The event was featured in the Kane County Chronicle on September 17th.

St. Charles’ 3rd Alderman William Turner and about 100 guests celebrated the night with the Annual Chamber Mixer hosted by: FVFD, Optique & Aviva Medspa. Wine tasting was provided by Brix Winery of St. Charles and the decorative cake and pastries were provided by Il Giordano del Dulce. The guests enjoyed musical highlights from the hit summer musical The Wizard of Oz as performed by students of Noble Fool Theatrical’s Youth Ensemble. They listened and sang-a-long to some of the timeless musical classics that always make you smile.

The Performing Arts Academy is the educational arm of Noble Fool Theatricals that provides classes, camps, and workshops year-round. The academy features some of the Chicago area’s most respected teachers, directors, actors and musicians. Noble Fool Theatricals is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving as the professional, in-residence theatre company at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles.

Thank you for your continued support in making Fox Valley Family Dentistry one of the Premier New Dental Office in St. Charles!

We greatly appreciate it!

4th Annual Mateo’s Kids Bowling Fundraiser was a huge success!!!

Dr Eco
Dr. Eco w/ Olivia Rose and parents

Mateo’s Kids raised over $12,000 for the recipient Olivia Rose Namest of Wheaton, Illinois!!! Olivia & her family are so thankful for the generous support. Olivia is 2 years old with a severe form of spina bifida, called myelomeningocele. Due to her condition, she has also had complication with bladder dysfunction. A club foot has made mobility a challenge for Olivia. Despite everything, she is such a happy baby with lots of personality. You can see pictures of the event and follow-up reports of the recipients on

As you may know, Mateo’s Kids is a non-for-profit organization I co-founded with my sister, Ailene, and her husband, Mike, in loving memory of their 5-year-old son Mateo (my nephew). Mateo was diagnosed in May 2005 with a rare, inoperable brain tumor. We started the organization during Mateo’s alternative cancer treatment at the Burzynski Institute in Houston which was not covered by their insurance.

Staff with Olivia
Dr. Eco & staff w/ Olivia

(Conventional chemotherapy treatment at Children’s Memorial Hospital unfortunately was not successful.) With the surmounting medical bills and travel expenses, like many families with sick children, Ailene and Mike were in spiritual and financial despair. Our family and friends rallied together and raised money through donations from the church and community. Unfortunately, Mateo lost his battle after five months and passed away that September. And although his life was short, Mateo and his story still inspire hope and generosity for many people to this day. Our goal for our non-for-profit organization is to provide financial assistance for other sick children and their families and to help “keep hope alive!” We are all children of God. As the generosity of others has inspired us, we hope to continue to uplift these families in times of despair.

Every year my staff & I sponsor a lane at the fundraiser. My staff is so supportive of my passion to give back to others. I would like to thank my specialist, sponsors & friends who have donated to Mateo’s Kids; they truly are people with big hearts. For more information, please go to

Dr Eco
My staff!! What fun!!
Staff with Olivia
Last year’s recipient


Back to School Clinic

Hosted by St. Paul Evangelical UCC in Bloomingdale
“Knowing God Serving Others Growing Discipline”

Dr Eco
Dr. Eco, Char & Heather

Dr. Eco and staff volunteered at the annual Back to School Clinic on Saturday, July 24th, 2010. Dr. Eco and staff provided free school dental screenings to children. Along with dental services, the clinic provides Free school physicals, vision & hearing screening, clothing for all ages, & entertainment. $10 Target gift cards were also given out to all children to purchase school supplies and packaged food boxes were given to all families.

“We were so glad to be a part of an uplifting and charitable event and I can’t wait to back next year!”


Dr Eco
Dr Eco